Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2017

Beyond Planet Earth

The Moon. Mars. An icy moon of Jupiter. A near-Earth asteroid. In the not too distant future, missions to these destinations will launch from Earth.

All would involve countless hours of planning and hard work, an opportunity for scientific glory—and risk. But if the missions succeed, what adventures would unfold. So, tonight, look up. Above you: the universe.

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Beyond Planet Earth

Hubble Telescope Diorama

Moon Colony Diorama

Exploring the Moon

Terraforming Interactive Table

Spring 2018

The Power of Poison

For as long as people have created myths, they’ve told stories about the mysterious powers of poison. But in the natural world, poisons are simply part of the daily struggle to survive. The astonishing variety of evolutionary adaptations among toxic plants and animals is at the heart of this intriguing exhibition, which also examines humans’ attempts to understand poisons’ potency, how the science of detecting poison developed, and how researchers today use venoms and other natural toxins to develop new medical treatments. Visitors will encounter some of history’s most puzzling poisoning cases, use clues to solve poisoning mysteries and take part in a live theater presentation to help unravel a real-world case of poisoning.

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Power of Poison

Poison for Good

Choco Rain Forest Diorama

Snow White

Poison for Good

Golden Poison Frog

Enchanted Book