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Take a Trip Through The Amazing, Incredible, and Beyond

The Museum at Prairiefire features rotating natural history-based exhibitions, curated by the world-renowned scientists from institutions around the world. Museum at Prairiefire exhibitions rotate semi-annually and feature fossils, historical artifacts, and state-of-the-art interactives for visitors of all ages.

In our current exhibition, Savage Ancient Seas, you’ll discover an ancient time when an ecosystem full of monstrous animals were fighting for existence in a vast interior seaway. Open through January 2019.

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Exhibition Information

Savage Ancient Seas
Open June 19th 2018 - January 2019.

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T. rex + Paleontology Gallery

Meet AMNH 5027, the first complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever assembled by famous paleontologist and Kansas native Barnum Brown. Discovered in the mountains of Montana, this full-sized replica of the “Tyrant Lizard King” towers  above all others as the centerpiece of the Museum at Prairiefire’s collection dedicated to bringing natural history to life.

Learn the history of Barnum Brown, a University of Kansas graduate who led the team that discovered the first T. rex. Explore his vital role in the American Museum of Natural History’s early success and how modern day dinosaur hunters follow his example. Watch a fascinating look at his struggles and accomplishments on an exact replica of the desk Barnum Brown used while shaping the course of paleontological research.

Fossils from Kansas’ Ancient Seas & Skies

Journey back in time 80 million years to when Kansas was buried under the waves of the shallow ocean once known as the Western Interior Seaway.

Meet paleontologist Charles Sternberg’s undersea predators that once stalked the waves. Xiphactinus, the largest bony fish to ever exist, and Platecarpus, a twenty-foot long reptile with a vicelike bite are displayed in both full and partial fossils across the Great Hall.

Look to the skies to see replicas of the flying reptiles Pteranodon and Nyctosaurus, each with a wingspan that allowed them to cross the vast waves of Kansas.

ALIVE! Dinosaur Experience

Walk with the creatures long since extinct as they cross our massive ALIVE! Screen located near the entrance of the Museum. Roaring Iguanodon, screeching Velociraptor, soaring Pteranodon, creatures of legend, and more roam the halls of the Museum.

Dig up your own digital fossils. Identify the characteristics of the ancient creatures you discover across different environments. Choose your beast’s color, markings, plumage, and even their name. Once you’ve brought your extinct creature back to life join them for a stroll through the Great Hall.

Rewind to millions of summers ago and explore Kansas City’s beachfront past through the Kansas City Paleo: Stepping 300 Million Years Into Our Past exhibit.

The exhibit features a prized collection of dozens of fossils found in Kansas City courtesy of Dr. Richard Gentile, professor emeritus of geosciences at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and curator of UMKC’s Richard L. Sutton, Jr. Geosciences Museum.Museum visitors are invited to go back three hundred million years to see the fascinating fossil remains of life when Kansas City’s home was on the paleoequator.

“Paleo Kansas City” brings to life the oceans, rain forests, palm trees, giant ferns, mastodons, mammoths and grizzly-sized sloths that populated the area millions of summers ago.

virtual reality

360° Video VR Experience + Stonehenge VR

Virtual Worlds, Where Your Mind Builds The Impossible

Now playing at the Museum at Prairiefire: 360° Video VR Experience + Stonehenge VR. Designed to provide guests with two types of virtual realities, each theater presents a state-of-the-art experience showing some of the most amazing landscapes across the world.

Discover Video in the most immersive way possible. Our 360° VR Video Experience uses the latest mobile Virtual Reality technologies to transport you into worlds unknown and unseen like ever before, in full 360°.

Currently playing in the Virtual Theater is Stonehenge VR, an interactive experience that puts you right in the middle of the history of one of Earth’s most wondrous monuments.

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Tyrannosaurus rex

ALIVE! Dinosaur Experience

Stonehenge VR

360° Video VR Experience

Savage Ancient Seas

The Discovery Room

the discovery room

The Discovery Room

Hold The Pieces of Science In Your Hands

The Discovery Room is a hands-on environment designed for young learners ages 3-12 and their caregivers. Explorers are encouraged to tour the room’s six sections for any period of time; as long as we’re open, you’re in! Much like the world, the Discovery Room is constantly growing and evolving to match modern advances in science.

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Get your hands dirty like a real paleontologist and uncover the fossils of creatures that roamed the earth millions of years in the past! Brush and chisel your way through the Dino Dig Pit, reconstruct the mighty Prestosuchus, and hold four billion year old fragments of the earth itself.


Explore the evolution of Homo sapiens, from our earliest ancestors to modern society. Explore how the diminutive “Lucy” would grow into the people we are today, try on masks and play games from cultures both ancient and contemporary, and throw a tea party reminiscent of the earliest civilizations.

Invertebrate Zoology

Millions of species of creepy-crawlies are burrowing beneath your feet or fluttering overhead. Meet the hard-bodied hermit crabs tunneling through sand, avoid the stinging tail of our scorpion, put together a giant-sized praying mantis puzzle, and hold a hissing cockroach in the palm of your hand.

Field Biology

It’s a jungle out there, and it’s full of every type of animal and plant you can imagine. Meet creatures from Kansas and across the globe such as the lively bearded dragons, prickly pygmy hedgehog, dangerous but beautiful poison dart frogs, and more in interactions led by our animal specialists.


There are countless minerals that shape the structure of the planet we call home. Sort through hundreds of rocks and minerals from around the world, witness earthquakes in real time on the IRIS interactive, light up objects in the UV radiation cage, and rebuild the super-continent Pangaea.


The endless expanse of space: a phenomenon scientists are still trying to understand. Recreate one of history’s most famous space missions with the Apollo XIII interactive, touch a meteorite older than the earth, and chart out your destiny on the constellation wall.

the wetlands

The Wetlands

Science In Its Natural State

Celebrating Kansas’ “Natural Neighborhoods”, the Prairiefire Wetlands is a man-made habitat containing ecosystems from across the state, including prairies, rivers, forests and more. Walk along the path to view the wild grasses and flowers mingling among one another, smell the sweet fragrances of the butterfly garden that serves as an official Monarch Way Station, and learn the history of each ecosystem and how we can preserve our state’s resources. Hundreds of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects call the Wetlands home. They invite you to be their guests.

Prairiefire Wetlands