The Virtual Theater

Located in the Museum at Prairiefire’s Great Hall, the Virtual Theater is your portal to another reality. Powered by the HTC Vive, the Virtual Theater is now playing state-of-the-art VR experiences that transport you across the world and through time and space. Using technology designed to track your every movement, the Vive headset and headphones open up new realities that you can physically manipulate with your handheld controllers. The adventure is crafted by the adventurer in the Virtual Theater!


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Stonehenge VR

Now playing in the Virtual Theater: Stonehenge VR. Developed by Voyager VR, this unique experience transports you directly to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Explore the theories of Stonehenge’s construction, travel through time at different points during its construction, and witness breathtaking landscapes made all the more stunning by the Virtual Theater’s system.


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How To Purchase Tickets

Stonehenge VR is currently available as an early access exclusive for Museum at Prairiefire Members.

Stonehenge VR is an experience that takes approximately 15 minutes per person and requires a thirty minute session to be reserved for each 1-2 users that wish to participate. There is no cost for friends and family to observe the VR user’s experience (the Virtual Theater’s big screen displays your journey for all guests), but space in the theater is limited to 12 individuals total.

Tickets for one 30-minute session are $10. You can reserve your spot over the phone (913.333.3500) or at the front desk.