School Groups

There are a variety of options for school groups at the Museum. Our standard 2-hour field trip includes facilitated visits to the Discovery Room and the current American Museum of Natural History exhibition. The Discovery Room, designed for ages 3-12, offers budding scientists a place to investigate the natural world around us. From February 11th through September 4th, 2017, The World’s Largest Dinosaurs is on display. Use our education materials for cross-curricular investigation of these colossal creatures that once roamed the planet for over 140 million years. Additionally, your group may wish to journey through the Great Hall’s Paleontology Gallery, ALIVE augmented reality experience, and Sprint Gallery.

To book a Field Trip, Teachers can contact Tim Shaban – Education Specialist, Tours and Programs Call 913.333.3551 | Email tim@museumatpf.org.

For more information about our field trips, visit here.

  • Field trips are great for schools, scouts, or summer camps. We can also book your adult group for a facilitated tour of the current American Museum of Natural History exhibition.
  • For a limited time, field trip pricing is $5.50 (sales tax included) for children and $5.50 (sales tax included) for chaperones. You will receive one free chaperone per every 10 students. Price gives access to the Great Hall, AMNH exhibition, and the Discovery Room. 
  • Education materials available for teachers identify relevant State Standards and include before, during and after field trip components

Education Materials

Rotating semiannually, American Museum of Natural History traveling exhibitions support the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and Show-Me State Standards. Resources for our upcoming exhibition organized by the American Museum of Natural History, The World’s Largest Dinosaurs (on display February 11 – September 4, 2017), are now available.


For more information about our field trips, visit here.