The Museum at Prairiefire, alongside other local cultural and educational institutions are joining forces to create KC Urban Advantage (KCUA), a dynamic program designed to improve science-STEM literacy by collectively providing extraordinary resources to underserved students, their families, caregivers and educators. KCUA is modeled after successful programs in New York City and Denver that were jointly developed with the American Museum of Natural History.


Youth Science Initiative

KC Urban Advantage is a standards and research-based collaboration between urban schools and Kansas City cultural and learning instructions (museums, science centers, zoos) to collectively provide extraordinary resources in direct support of Science and Natural History-specific goals. This innovative and world-class program, developed in New York City by the American Museum of Natural History, provides professional development for educators and administrators; equipment and supplies for schools; and field experiences and scholarships for students, their families, educators, and administrators in the greater KC metro and urban core.

  • Providing State Standards-based curriculum materials and opportunities for teachers to enhance the classroom STEM curriculum.
  • Covering costs for on-site school groups and financial assistance in the form of scholarships for participating students, families and caregivers, and educators in the greater Kansas City region.


Outreach & Goals

The Museum at Prairiefire has a goal of reaching 100,000 students over three years via the KC Urban Advantage initiative. In less than two years children have visited the Museum from over 40 school districts, 59 private schools, 22 home school groups, five parks and recreation organizations, and the YMCA of Greater Kansas City. Casting a wide net across the KC Metro Area enables us to meet the program goal of engaging students from the urban core and under-served areas.


Hands-On Learning

The KC Urban Advantage initiative will impact students, educators, and families by providing access to hands-on learning on site at partnering institutions:

  • Students will travel to the Museum at Prairiefire as well as other partnering institutions for hands-on participation in programs for a half-day or full-day STEM experience that will include lunch.
  • Teachers will receive educator materials to link field trip and classroom learning, and receive access to educational programming for adults and students at the Museum.
  • Students will have the opportunity to return and enjoy the Museum with their families and caregivers to take part in hands-on STEM programs, camps, tours and/or special events.

Get Involved


Looking for ways to help KC Urban Advantage? Please reach out to us! We are currently seeking additional partner institutions, KCUA volunteers and supporters. For further information about KC Urban Advantage, please contact Jennifer Wampler at jennifer@museumatpf.org.


KC Urban Advantage is a standards-based collaboration between the Museum at Prairiefire, public schools, and other nonprofit learning institutions (museums, science centers, and zoos). The broad scope and diversified constituency create a true “urban advantage” for STEM education in the public school system.