The World's Largest Dinosaurs

Organized by the American Museum of Natural History,

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs explores the huge dinosaurs called sauropods. These astounding creatures were so massive, so tall, and had such long-reaching necks attached the tiny heads that have made them some of the most instantly identifiable of dinosaurs. But perhaps the most astounding attribute of these beasts was how they roamed the planet for over 140 million years, making them among Earth’s greatest success stories. But how did such huge animals accomplish such a feat?

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs explores these gentle giants from how they could grown so huge and long in size, how their size compares to some of today’s most massive animals like elephants and whales, and what sort of methods paleontologists use to dig up and research these creatures. All of this surrounding a full-scale model of the 120-foot long Mamenchisaurus.


Come see prehistoric creatures come to life in the Discovery Room’s Paleontology zone. Reconstruct the skeleton of a 14 foot-long Prestosuchus, excavate fossils like real paleontologists and learn about ancient life on earth!


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Paleontology in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire

See hominid history mapped out before your eyes! Learn about different cultures from across the globe through objects and artifacts!


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Have you ever wondered how a bee sees flowers, where a scorpion lives or about the anatomy of a Praying Mantis? Come discover all of this and more in the Invertebrate Zoology Zone!


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Invertebrates in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire
Field Biology

Biology is all around us. Complete a scavenger hunt of animals that live in our sycamore trees, find out where a corn snake sleeps and step outside to see these interactions in real life in our wetlands.


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Rocks make up the earth, and there are so many different types! Some glow under black lights, some are beautiful colors, and some you can even see through! Come learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and more in the Geology Zone!


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Geology in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire

Have you ever wondered what the solar system looks like in motion? Ever wanted to fly over the surface of Mars? Astronomy is the study of space and all that is in it. Come create your own constellation and even smell the moon!


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Central Microscope

Everyday objects look completely different up close! Discover what makes Velcro stick together, the difference between salt and sugar and what a butterfly wing looks like magnified bigger than its actual size!


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Central Microscope in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire

The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room is a hands-on, interactive space where children ages 3-12 and their accompanying caregivers learn about the world around them through inquiry based exploration and discovery. Everything within the Discovery Room is meant for visitors to touch, hold, play with and use. Children are encouraged to learn about natural history and science through reconstructing a dinosaur skeleton, wearing masks from cultures across the world & time, holding a hissing cockroach, flying over Mars, tracking animals and more.

Divided into eight areas (paleontology, anthropology, invertebrate zoology, field biology, geology, astronomy, central microscope, and the free play area), the space includes a continuously growing range of real specimens, replicas, models, interactives and activities that offer open opportunities to learn about nature, life and the universe and to playfully explore the scientific method.

The Discovery Room is also the subject for school group visits through custom education materials that will be developed in the future.

The Great Hall

In the Great Hall, visitors are encouraged to discover everything from who found the very first Tyrannosaurus rex to how scientists use technology to understand the world around us. All six areas in the Great Hall are available to visitors for free:

Paleontology Gallery

Discover the world of Paleontology and meet the very first Tyrannosaurus rex ever found by Kansas native, Barnum Brown.


Create a scientifically accurate prehistoric creature and see it come ALIVE on the big screen.

Sprint Gallery

Now featuring The Wild Horses of Sable Island, the Sprint Gallery will host changing, educational exhibits.

The Wild Horses of Sable Island
The Big Fish Story

Once a shallow ocean known as the Western Interior Seaway, Kansas was home to some of the most interesting sea creatures.

Stonehenge VR

Transport your mind to the past with Stonehenge VR, an interactive virtual reality theater now available to Museum at Prairiefire Read More

The Click Effect

Coming soon to Gallery 1! Explore an undersea kingdom with whales and dolphins in this award-winning 360 degree film.

Paleontology Gallery

The Paleontology Gallery features one of only three casts in the world of the very first Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered. You’ll also find information about T. rex, Kansas’s own Barnum Brown (one of the past’s most prominent paleontologists), how and where some of today’s paleontologists dig and how the popular image of T. rex and other dinosaurs differs from scientists’ perspectives.


Visitors entering the Museum will be first welcomed by ALIVE, our augmented reality creation experience. Users can approach four screens behind the ALIVE wall and create and learn about their own prehistoric or mythic creature that will be brought to life in the Great Hall.

Sprint Gallery

Now home to The Wild Horses of Sable Island, an exhibition by Artist Roberto Dutesco. The Sprint Gallery will feature changing exhibits in gallery format in collaboration with local, regional and national scientists and organizations.

The Big Fish Story

The alcove area (located adjacent to the Museum Cafe) and entry way currently hold The Big Fish Story, an exploration Kansas’s maritime story. Millions of years ago, Kansas and its neighboring states were known as the Western Interior Seaway. It was a shallow, narrow ocean home to sea life and flying reptiles, both native fossils to the state. Discover fossils of some of the largest creatures to roam these shallow waters and learn who really was the Big Fish.

Michael L. Kahn Virtual Theater

Developed by Voyager VR and powered by the HTC Vive, Stonehenge VR is a one of a kind experience that transports you through time and space to the most mysterious of the Seven Wonders of the World. Using state-of-the-art technology that tracks your movements and interactions with the environment, Stonehenge VR is an adventure that is shaped differently every time by the user. Stonehenge VR is currently available as an early access exclusive for museum members.

School Groups

There are a variety of options for School Groups at the Museum. The Discovery Room, designed for ages 3-12, offers budding scientists a place to investigate the natural world around us. Journey through the Great Hall’s Science Theater, Paleontology Gallery, ALIVE augmented reality experience, and Picturing Science. Our current exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History is The World’s Largest Dinosaurs, which comes with a guided tour by MAP experts. Use our education materials for cross-curricular investigation of these colossal creatures that once roamed the planet for over 140 million years.

To book a Field Trip, Teachers can contact Tim Shaban at 913.333.3551  | kathryn@museumatpf.org.

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