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The World’s Largest Dinosaurs

The huge dinosaurs called sauropods roamed the planet for 140 million years. Today, scientists from many fields have joined in an effort to figure out how they did it.

Organized by the American Museum of Natural History, The World’s Largest Dinosaurs is open February 11th through September 4th.

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Admission to the Great Hall is free. Tickets are required for American Museum of Natural History exhibitions and the Discovery Room.

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Welcome to the Museum at Prairiefire

Through a unique collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History and other cultural and educational institutions in the Kansas City area, the Museum at Prairiefire invites you to understand and celebrate natural history and culture in our region and around the world. Our mission is to engage our visitors and area students with world-class exhibitions, important programming and significant educational opportunities. The MAP features information in the areas of natural science and history in three primary locations:


Each location offers visitors a unique experience and opportunity to broaden their understandings of the natural world. In the Great Hall, discover everything from who found the very first Tyrannosaurus rex to how scientists use technology and scientific method to better understand the history of life on Earth. Children and their caretakers are invited on a completely hands-on journey through six areas of science, from Paleontology to Astronomy, in the Discovery Room. Our upcoming exhibition is The World’s Largest Dinosaurs

The Great Hall

In the Great Hall, visitors are encouraged to discover everything from who found the very first Tyrannosaurus rex to how scientists use technology to understand the world around us. All six areas in the Great Hall are available to visitors for free:

Paleontology Gallery

Discover the world of Paleontology and meet the very first Tyrannosaurus rex ever found by Kansas native, Barnum Brown.


Create a scientifically accurate prehistoric creature and see it come ALIVE on the big screen.

Sprint Gallery

Now featuring The Wild Horses of Sable Island, the Sprint Gallery will host changing, educational exhibits.

The Wild Horses of Sable Island
The Big Fish Story

Once a shallow ocean known as the Western Interior Seaway, Kansas was home to some of the most interesting sea creatures.

Stonehenge VR

Transport your mind to the past with Stonehenge VR, an interactive virtual reality theater now available to Museum at Prairiefire Read More

The Click Effect

Coming soon to Gallery 1! Explore an undersea kingdom with whales and dolphins in this award-winning 360 degree film.

The Big Fish Story

Discover Kansas’s maritime story. Millions of years ago, Kansas and its neighboring states were known as the Western Interior Seaway. It was a shallow, narrow ocean home to sea life and flying reptiles, both native fossils to the state.


Come see prehistoric creatures come to life in the Discovery Room’s Paleontology zone. Reconstruct the skeleton of a 14 foot-long Prestosuchus, excavate fossils like real paleontologists and learn about ancient life on earth!


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Paleontology in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire

See hominid history mapped out before your eyes! Learn about different cultures from across the globe through objects and artifacts!


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Have you ever wondered how a bee sees flowers, where a scorpion lives or about the anatomy of a Praying Mantis? Come discover all of this and more in the Invertebrate Zoology Zone!


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Invertebrates in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire
Field Biology

Biology is all around us. Complete a scavenger hunt of animals that live in our sycamore trees, find out where a corn snake sleeps and step outside to see these interactions in real life in our wetlands.


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Rocks make up the earth, and there are so many different types! Some glow under black lights, some are beautiful colors, and some you can even see through! Come learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and more in the Geology Zone!


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Geology in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire

Have you ever wondered what the solar system looks like in motion? Ever wanted to fly over the surface of Mars? Astronomy is the study of space and all that is in it. Come create your own constellation and even smell the moon!


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Central Microscope

Everyday objects look completely different up close! Discover what makes Velcro stick together, the difference between salt and sugar and what a butterfly wing looks like magnified bigger than its actual size!


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Central Microscope in the Discovery Room at the Museum at Prairiefire

The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room is a hands-on space of exploration for children ages 3-12 to discover the world around us. It operates on a session schedule and admission to each session is first-come, first-served. Sessions start at 15 minutes past each hour and last 45 minutes. The first session begins at 10:15 a.m. on Mondays-Saturdays, and at 12:15 p.m. on Sundays. The last session of the day begins at 4:15 p.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. The Discovery Room closes each hour on the hour for a 15-minute cleanup.


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Members receive free, unlimited admission to the entire Museum at Prairiefire. Members also receive discounts on additional  tickets and at partner businesses, invitation to special events,  lectures and more. Individual and Family Memberships levels available.

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Education Materials

Rotating semiannually, American Museum of Natural History traveling exhibitions will support and expand the Next Generation Science Standards, National Social Studies Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Resources for our upcoming exhibition organized by the American Museum of Natural History, The World’s Largest Dinosaurs, include an educator’s guide and onsite student engagement materials, available now.

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